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Bexar County Jail

Bexar County Jail


200 North Comal
San Antonio, Texas 78207


The Bexar County Jail has upgraded their website to make it easier for the public to find information.  Their official website can be found at this location:  Bexar County Jail Official Website.  They may have listed a lot of information but we feel some of it is misleading.  For example, their main page lists a total of 2,830 bed capacity.  We are aware that they frequently house close to 4,000 inmates and that jail standards says they have to have a bed.  So what do they do with the other 1,170?  We’re not trying to say they are doing something underhanded.  We just feel their website does not tell the whole story.

What we did find in our search for answers is a private website that gives quite a bit of information that the official website does not.  If you are looking for more detailed information you should go to The Bexar County Jail website.  We’ve listed some of the more commonly looked for links.


Visitation Information

The Bexar County Jail uses video visitation.  This link gives information where you need to go for the video visitation, how to register and how to schedule a visitation.  Video Visitations are not conducted at the main county jail.  The building where they are handled is about a block away at the Toudouze building.  The address for that location is 222 South Comal Street.

Jail Activity Reports

The Bexar County Jail lists one weeks worth of arrests on the internet.  You can access that information at the link we have provided.  If you want older information you will need to go to the private website we recommended, The Bexar County Jail, to find it.

Bond Information

At this link you will find some very brief, generic information on bonds.  If you are interested in P.R. Bond information you can call 210-335-8930.