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Tarrant County Jail

Tarrant County Jail Texas
Tarrant County Jail


100 North Lamar Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76196



For such a large county, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t really give very much information regarding its jail.  We think the following links are the ones that offer information that is most commonly requested.

Inmate Search

This link will allow you to search for an individual to see if he or she is in the Tarrant County Jail system.  The search options are extremely limited.  You can search by name or CID number which is probably their inmate number.  But it’s at least a starting place.

Jail Roster

If you don’t have the information required for the regular inmate search you can scan the jail roster at this link but it only goes back 14 days.

Visitation Information

You can use this link to find out information on visitation.  This page, at least, gives quite a bit of information: hours and days, limitations, duration and special visits, conduct, dress code, prohibited items and identification.