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Travis County Jail

Travis County Jail Texas
Travis County Jail


500 West 10th Street

Austin, Texas 78701


The Travis County Jail houses pre-trial inmates.  It is not the only facility in Travis County.  There is also the Travis County Correctional Complex.  The complex is located at 3614 Bill Price Road, Del Valle, Texas 78617.  This complex has twelve inmate-housing facilities along with multiple buildings where support functions are performed.  It sits on 130 acres.  Information for the public is spread out all over the place.

General Information

This link has quite a bit of information.  You can find information on visitation here, both face to face and video visitation.  Travis County even has at home video visits.  This is something that most other jails don’t have.  There is still a dress code.  You can view it here.  You can also get information on sending mail, phone cards, picking up inmate property and getting medications to an inmate.

Inmate Search

The Travis County inmate search option is very simplistic.  The only way they let you search is by name.  Click on this link to begin your search.

Time in Custody

Travis County offers an option we haven’t seen on other jail websites so far.  They allow you to look-up how long an inmate has been in custody.  To search you will either need a cause number or a warrant number.