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Harris County Jail

Main Jail in Harris County
Harris County Jail


701 N San Jacinto Street

Houston, Texas 77002


The Harris County jail complex consists of three different jails.  It’s a huge system that can get kind of confusing to deal with.  They obviously understand this and have created a website that that is user-friendly.  Their information pages are brief and can be to the point with good information but other pages just give generic information.  You can find the main jail information page here.  We’ve listed some of the most commonly used links below.


Inmate Visitation

This page gives you information on visitation days and hours.  You can find the phone numbers for the various jails here.  Regulations are listed along with what kind of identification is acceptable.  And lastly you will find what items are prohibited.

Find an Inmate

While we didn’t find a roster like some other jail websites do we did find an inmate search field.  This page gives you different options on how to search, name, social security number and their SPN.

Bond Information

The Harris County Jail website lists this page as “Inmate Bonding Process” but that’s not really what it is.  All this page does is give definitions for the different types of bonds.  We included it in the list because there is some value in understanding the different types of bonds but don’t think this page will help you understand the process.